Management the brain? You judge.

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Guest blog by: Karanvir Bhatti, management student at BC Institute of Technology

                            Role of management in organization

Management can be explained as the “brain of an organization”, which keeps on working and controls all the activities and functions of an organization. We can also say that without management an organization will be like a “body in a coma”.

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It’s the management only which takes every decision and steps to make sure that the organization is moving toward the right direction. Management does that by using a very effective technique or we can also say formula called POLC-A.POLC-A which is planning, organizing, leading, controlling and attitude, is directly linked with and explains that how management sets the goals, work on them, executes them and gets the result out of the set goals. Management takes part in each and every step of the organization. It gives direction, aligns and achieves organization goals with available resources.

Achieving the set goals is not the only function/role of an management, it also focuses on other factors too such as making the work place the safest for its employees, committing the employees to work safe, development of the employees, making sure that the employees are not just coming in to work but also enjoying it, which in return will benefit the organization. A good management in my eyes will be to take care of your employees as they are the one who act as the “heart” of an organization. Management strives to encourage individual activity that will lead to reaching organizational goals and to discourage individual activity that will jeopardize the accomplishment of the organization objectives. If management can make sure that their employees like what they are doing then the results can be seen in their productivity.

Management plays a critical role in an organization as it is the management only which has to always think and generate new ideas to make more and new improvements in an organization. One in management should always look for little things which can be improved on daily basis, as these small changes plays an important and huge role in the improvement of the operation. Being in management one should always plan ahead and not only on daily basis. Being proactive on the plans helps to think about the “pros & cons” of the plan and gives time to lay down the process to execute the plan in a better and productive way.

But again in the end, I would like to say that management which manages its workforce in a better way and make them feel a proud of what they are doing always “steals the show and touch the new heights”.


About Randy Friesen

Director of Marketing at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, instructor with BCIT's School of Business, business consultant with Wardell Professional Development, husband, father, artist (mixed media and music composition).
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